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Is Your Home Living Up To Its Curb-Appeal Potential?

How do you feel about your home as you pull in the driveway after a long day at work? Many homes have beautiful interiors, with exteriors that don’t do them justice. Fixing up your home’s curb-appeal could be as simple as fixing the numbers on your home, installing...

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3 Reasons To Take Photos During A Renovation

Putting in a new flooring? Renovating an entire room from scratch? It is always a good idea to document the upgrades or renovation you make to your home. Who doesn’t love a good “before” and “after” photo comparison? Friends and family will appreciate photos while...

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What’s all the hype over a big green egg?

Kaufman by Design is a certified dealer for The Big Green Egg products. Stop by and talk with us about all the hype.   The Big Green Egg has been around since the 70s and still shares a strong following of backyard cooking enthusiasts. Why? It ceramic materials and...

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3 Benefits Of Having Carpet Flooring In The Right Rooms

Is there a room in your home that you think would benefit from carpet flooring?   Get a second opinion at Kaufman by Design. Our experienced, interior designers help customers create spaces inside their home perfect for their use. While hardwood flooring might be...

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5 Simple Rules for Accent Walls

Looking to create the perfect accent wall to bring some interior designers style to a boring room? You are on the right track.   A good accent wall is a great option for those rooms in your house that just feel “off”—“off” is a feeling homeowners often get when...

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Motivation For Homeowners In The Middle Of A Renovation

Feeling stuck in the middle of your renovation project? Maybe you didn’t fully appreciate the scope of your task. Perhaps you are faced with too many decisions and can’t move forward.   Do you need custom doors for your renovation project? Kaufman by Design is...

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How to Create Different Layers of Lighting in Your Home

As you light the rooms of your home, think of lighting in three layers: ambient, task, and accent. Lighting is one of the more inexpensive ways you can bring a dull room to life.   At Kaufman by Design, we will help you find the perfect way to make your home...

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6 Things To Consider For Home Design When You Have Pets

Pets often call for some creative solution to your home’s flooring and design needs. Here are a few things you should consider for your pet when remodeling your home or designing a home from scratch. At Kaufman Lumber and Kaufman by Design, we help customers customize...

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Things to try When a Space Feels “Ugh.”

Many interior designers follow their creative intuition when they put together a space. So if a room in your house feels “ugh”, it is a sure sign that some interior redecorating needs to be done.   Here are a few simple questions you can ask yourself before you...

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How to Make A Room Look Bigger

Struggling with a small room in your home? A small space doesn’t need to be cramped. Here are a few tips on how to make your small room look more spacious using windows.   Looking for the right windows for your home? Kaufman by Design is conveniently located in...

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Can Equipment Rental Help with Buying Gifts?

Have you ever thought about buying tools for someone as a gift?   Maybe you’re not sure what to get them. Maybe you’re not sure what they need. Here at Kaufman By Design, we’re here to help you. Before you buy, you can always use an equipment rental to see for...

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How to Take Care of Your Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is the characteristic of a beautiful home.   Just imagine walking through a home with rich and beautiful dark tones that radiate from the hardwood flooring. The family happily sitting in the dining room with the chandelier illuminating above the...

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