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Choosing Designer Hardware

If done right, designer hardware can give a room or home a completely new feel. You are likely replacing your current hardware because of how it looks, that is actually not the most important aspect of choosing designer hardware.  What is more important is how the hardware feels and functions. 

Finished Projects

An older home remodel design idea was to make everything match, including the hardware. While this is still a perfectly valid design theme, it is not a requirement. You can feel free to mix and match various metals, but just make sure they contrast enough so that it looks intentional. You can also vary the actual design style of the hardware too.

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Designer Hardware Tips 

Arkansas Interior Design | 4 Interior Design Tips

Arkansas Interior Design | 4 Interior Design Tips

Good interior design not only makes a memorable impression on guests that come to your home, but it can also give your own well-being a boost. If you are looking to give your home a full facelift or simply add a more modern touch, there are a multitude of ways you can...

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