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March 15, 2021
In the building and construction industry, there are tons of classifications and divisions when it comes to hardware. The industry terminology can sometimes be confusing and tedious, but these distinctions are important when it comes to safety and specificity. Construction hardware is important for more reasons than standard local building code requirements, though. Generally speaking, construction hardware ensures that structures are safer and stronger.

Construction Hardware Connects and Strengthens

The bulk of construction hardware is associated with connecting, fastening, and joining the different parts of a structure. In many cases, these connectors protect structures against natural forces like wind and seismic activity depending on their ratings for that purpose. Construction hardware is usually made from either galvanized steel or stainless steel – but you should use one material or the other throughout the house. Mixing these materials can cause corrosion and weaken the joints and connections throughout your construction.

Types of Construction Hardware

There are thousands of different pieces, sizes, and other variances in construction hardware. It is most useful to understand construction hardware in categories or types. Here, we’ll discuss each type of construction hardware and its various uses and sub-categories.

Truss and Rafter Ties

The trusses of your home or other construction project support the roof of the structure. Truss and rafter ties, then, are incredibly important to keep a roof over your head! These ties maintain the integrity of your roof and keep it structurally safe and sound during strong winds and other dangerous conditions. Specifically, truss and rafter ties connect the trusses to each other and the rest of the structure, holding everything together. Ties are generally fastened with nails or screws to the wood or other construction material. Types of truss and rafter ties include:

  • Rafter ties
  • Roof truss ties
  • Ridge rafters
  • Truss spacers
  • Truss anchors

Mending and Nail Plates

These metal connectors are used to strengthen or repair joints in many household connections. The plates are laid across two pieces that need to be joined and can be nailed or screwed into place. Some nail plates are self-nailing and can simply be hammered into place. Types of mending and nail plates include:

  • Stud shoes
  • Mending plates
  • Nail plates
  • Protection plates


These aren’t the hangers in your closet – although there might be some in there! Construction hardware hangers are used on walls, columns, posts, headers, beams, trusses, and joists to create a strong mechanical connection. These metal hardware pieces help keep structures safer even if and when wood warps. Types of hangers include:

  • Concealed stringer hangers
  • Tension ties
  • Lateral load connectors
  • Corner ties
  • U-clips
  • Double Clips
  • Stair stringers
  • Deck ties
  • Face-mount hangers
  • Top-mount hangers

Base and Cap Hardware

Base and cap hardware secure the ends of posts to beams. The base hardware goes at the bottom of the post and the cap goes at the top. This hardware used to be nearly invisible in construction, but as base and cap hardware has become more visible it is being manufactured with more attractive finishes. Base and cap hardware are the only types of this basic hardware category.

Angles and Straps

When you’re connecting two wooden construction components at a joint, you need angles and straps. These are arguably the most common type of construction hardware. They come in a variety of lengths, widths, and gauges (or thickness). The most common types of angles and straps are:

  • Twist straps
  • Masonry straps
  • L-straps
  • Foundation straps
  • Coiled straps
  • Wall ties
  • Stud plate ties
  • Pipe rail ties
  • Holdowns
  • Deck post ties
  • Stair angles
  • Framing angles
  • Angles

Construction Hardware from the Pros

When it comes to construction hardware, you can count on Kaufman by Design West. Along with our partner stores, Kaufman Lumber and Kaufman by Design, we offer a wide range of construction hardware and the expertise to choose the right piece for the job. We can help with everything from casual construction projects to house builds and other commercial builds. Call or visit our store today to get your project started!